2021 Stitch Samples
A. Dudgeon Counted Work A. Malouf Straight Stitch B. Hicks Fly Stitch Beryl Clark Smocking
Stitch Samples In 2001, the Branch held a competition of small samples based on a single stitch, with categories for traditional and experimental work. These are kept in a box and are available to borrow from the Library.
Chris Crane Blackwork Elaine Hemlsey Herringbone Shadow Work G. Jenkins Cushion Stitch
G.Southey Raised Chainstitch Gill Burgess Japanese Embroidery Gill Burgess Japanese Embroidery Joan Fogg Spider's Web Stitch M. da Souza Running Stitch Olive Castleton Stem Stitch
Olive Castleton Running Stitch P Marshall Cross Stitch S. Bunce Experimental Stitches S. Danson Cretan Stitch S. Johnson Queen Stitch S. Danson Detatched Buttonhole
Sheila Jose Cross stitch Boarders Sue Babbs Buttonhole Sue Babbs Eyelet Thelma Henery
Win Bond Cretan Stitch 2 Win Bond Cretan Stitch
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